What style of teaching does your school offer?

We use a swim-float-swim technique that we have adapted over the years of teaching. We have found that this method is the safest way for kids to swim in the water. Your child will learn to swim going forward in the water then rollover onto their back to rest and regain breath control, then continue to swim to their destination. This rollover will later progress the child into a freestyle swim very smoothly and quickly, which advances children into proficient swimmers.


How do I enroll in a session of lessons?

When you have decided that this is the swim school for you and your family there are a few different ways to get enrolled. You are welcome to call the pool and get set up mid-session with the classes we still have available, or you can come to our open enrollment day. This is held on the Saturday 2 weeks prior to the start date of the session. This is an in person only registration.  We have found that this is the best way for us to place each child according to birth date and swim ability. We try our best to keep kids in the same age group and it is important to know what previous water experience they have had in the past.


Do I have to get into the water with my baby/toddler?

No. However, if your child still needs your support to sit or the teacher feels that you need to be at the step area then we will have you sit with your feet in the water only. There is no need for you to come dressed in a swim suit. Most parents will sit from afar on the benches that have full access to the pool area and not behind glass. We feel that the more eyes and ears on the children the better.


What do I bring to my swim class?

Any child under the age of 3, whether toilet trained or not, are required to wear a re-usable swim diaper. This swim diaper needs to have elastic throughout the legs and waist and no snaps. We do sell them here for $10 and have various sizes. Children with longer hair that gets in the child's face should wear their hair pulled back in a hair tie. Rash guards or shirts are not recommended because when the child is sitting in the water and the air gets on them they tend to be cold, but it is your choice. Our pool is covered from the elements year round. A regular swim suit and towel will be all that is needed for swimming with us.


What do I do if my child cries in class?

It's going to be okay. Most kids cry when they are introduced to a new person or environment. The teacher will talk you through what to do and keep the child's turn short and positive. As they progress in their classes and get to know the teacher and the routine they will become calmer and more confident in the water. We always tell parents it's like sitting in a car seat- sometimes they don't want to be in the seat, but being in one is in the best interest and safety of your child. If the parents calmly tell the child that they're here to learn to be safe and the teacher will help them along the way, it will help the child work through it. The best advise for new parents is to communicate with your teacher and know that it is for your child's safety that you are doing this. We will all get through it together, and soon enough your little one will love the water.


If you have any further questions please feel free to come watch a class or call and we will help you further.