At Bubbles Swim School we offer an environment and technique of instruction that makes our program unique:

Swimming is the one sport that has the potential to one day save your child's life


  • We heat our pool to 94 degrees- Our little swimmers love the warm water.


  • 3 to 1 ratio- Bubbles offers very small classes to give your child the individual attention they need to become COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in the water. Our classes only 3 students to 1 instructor. We group our classes by skill and appropriate age. This enables your child to get the most from the instructor. 


  • Unique instruction method-  We have been teaching for over 40 years, and it shows. Using a soft touch method, our little swimmers start as young as 3 months. We emphasize comfort and safety. At Bubbles we teach a SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM method. The child will learn to come forward off the steps face down into the water, then rollover onto their back and float to breath and regain control of themselves, then roll back onto their tummy to continue swimming forward. We have found that this is the safest way for a young child to learn to swim enabling them get themselves to safety at a very young age. This method also helps progress children into a freestyle side breath at a younger age and correct body position.


  • Children will be introduced to water immersion and floating on their back from the start. Parent involvement is very minimal in our classes. Parents are only needed for young swimmers who do not sit at the step area independently, but don't worry you only sit with your feet in the water so you aren't getting wet.


  • Bubbles is not just about babies though. Many of our toddlers and preschool age children are able to take lessons independent of their parents. These little swimmers take turns swimming individually with their instructor. They will also be learning the SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM method. Once kids have mastered the roll over technique they will progress further into their strokes.


  • Our school age children are also in the small 3:1 ratio. They will progress from the roll over technique into a freestyle and backstroke swim. Once those skills are mastered they are able to progress into a breaststroke and butterfly. The instructors continue to work with students hands-on in the pool, aiding them in the development of proper technique and stamina. Children are also able to learn basic diving skills on out diving board and learn techniques to prepare them for a swim team.