Here at Bubbles Swim School your family & their safety come first. While we have been shut down we have sanitized everything including but not limited to the pool deck and the bathrooms and office area.

   We have been regularly maintaining our chemicals and will continue to maintain a high level of water quality. Being that we are a small family run business we are able to maintain the chemicals hourly and keep our chlorine levels in check properly to ensure your safety. That being said here are some guidelines so that we can open safely.



  Face masks are required to be worn by all customers at all times when in the facility. This includes siblings over age 4 who are not in the pool. This also includes staff when not in the water.


  Temperature scans will be conducted on all employee’s prior to their shift. Temperatures in excess of CDC guidelines will be sent home and not teach. ALL customers and children will be given a touch free scan before entering the front gate. If anyone in the family has a temperature exceeding 99.8 they will be asked to leave and not participate in their class.


  Everyone will need to maintain at least 6 ft. Distance from each other, with the exception of family members who share the same household.


  Any siblings that are not in lessons that come into the facility must be seated with a parent at all times, with mask on. Parents are also welcome to stay in the car with siblings while child is in their lesson. NO PLAY AREAS or free roaming of the facility will be permitted at this time.


  If you or anyone in your family feeling sick or showing systems of COVID -19 please stay home. All employees have been told not to come to work if they are feeling ill. 



  Everyone must enter the front gate to be temperature scanned. When exiting please proceed to the back gate and stay on the path.


 All families are asked to enter the facility no sooner than 5 minutes before their class start time. Students should be properly dressed before entering the facility. 



  We will be disinfecting all surfaces multiply times a day. These areas include, but not limited to:

        Workstations, countertops, door handles, and benches.


  Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at entrance and between bathrooms when exiting. 


  Bathrooms will be disinfected after each use.



  All children need full supervision in the restrooms at all times. Please DO NOT send your child into the restroom without an adult. 


  Only 1 family permitted in the restroom at a time. Women’s restroom is for women and boys only. Men’s restroom can be used be both men and women. We ask that you please be sure the restroom is empty before entering. 


  No showers are permitted at this time. We don’t want a line to form. NO EXCEPTIONS (SORRY)



  NOTE: There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water or pools. For further info on this please visit website listed below.



  We will be fully opening up the pool area and removing the side walls for better ventilation. We will continue to maintain a well balanced chlorinated pool per the CDC & local health department requirements.


We are confident that we are doing our best to maintain a clean and safe environment for you and your family.